1940’s inspiration.

I found this photograph of three women at Bibliothèque de la Ville de Paris by Andre Zucca on flickr originally and I’ve been reading up some on the exhibit that it was a part of and becoming completely fascinated with it. Apparently, a disclaimer was put onto the exhibition as a lot of people took offense to the photographs of people seemingly joyful and carefree despite the Nazi infiltration and the atrocities that were occurring both within Paris and far, far more-so in other places during World World II. While I agree that the subjects of the photograph might be misconstruing to the actual state of Paris in the early 40’s and is even disrespectful due to the failure to portray that the city was wracked with hunger and poverty and definitely wasn’t quite as gleeful as the photos seem to state, it’s still so interesting to look at.

Two more photographs from the exhibition:

Nina Leen, LIFE 1946 via myvintagevogue:

40’s Dior sketch & photograph of Lillian Brassman:


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4 Responses to “1940’s inspiration.”

  1. Megan A.* Says:

    This post is great! it inspired me to do some research on 1930s & 1940s fashion!!

  2. ticktickheart Says:

    Thanks, love! You definitely should, they’re both some of my favorite periods of fashion. I have a 30’s inspiration post, too, if you look around the “decades and eras” tag.

  3. Chelsea Rae Says:

    I’m quickly tiring of the 80s revival that has been going on the past couple of years, and I’m starting to fall more and more for the look of the 40s because it’s so ladylike, classy, and completely opposite of what everyone seems to be doing.

    I love the first picture in the Nina Leen set. That dress is so feminine and romantic.

  4. ticktickheart Says:

    Though I like bits and pieces, the 80’s is probably my least favorite decade of fashion just because I tend to like clothes that are more dainty and classy rather than super bright and (intentionally) ratty/deconstructed. It always seems to be the first to come back in style, too, haha! I agree completely, though. I don’t really mind that it’s the opposite of what you see most often, I still love it the best.

    I love the print on her dress and the atmosphere is just perfect – kinda makes you feel like you’re right there staring into the mirror yourself!

    Thanks for the comment, dear.

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