1920’s inspiration.

1920’S French postcard. As striking as the woman is, I think it’s the man who steals the spotlight in this particular photograph. He looks so mysterious and vampy, as if he’s about to move in for either a kiss or bite and she’s maintaining a cool exterior like she doesn’t really care either way. Image found on tumblr.

Actress and pianist Edythe Baker (left) worked the Broadway and cabaret circuits in the 20’s and 30’s. You can hear her playing “Mad About The Boy” on piano in the early 30’s here. One of the Ziegfeld Girls (right) in an issue of Vogue. A lot of elements of this photograph reminds me of things I see in editorials today. More about the Ziegfeld Girls below. Images found on My Vintage Vogue.

Clara Bow and Marceline Day in The Wild Party directed by Dorothy Arzner. This film from the late 20’s is about some college girls who party just a little too much until one lands herself in some big trouble. Interesting tidbit, Dorothy Arzner was one of the only women filmmakers working during the time period. Image found through google image search.

Gloria Swanson (left) was an actress known also for her amazing fashions and Clara Bow (right) is undoubtedly the quintessential 20’s girl, fashion icon of the decade, and the very first “it” girl. Images found on My Vintage Vogue and google.

Vintage 1920’s drop-waist dresses. Images found on The Fashion Spot.

All of Clara Bow’s photographs possess such a whimsical quality and have so much personality to them. It’s really no wonder why her look was so influential and is still recreated and played off of in fashion today. Images found through google.

1920’s woman and her dog and vintage shoes. Images found on The Fashion Spot.

Charlie Chaplin and Virginia Cherrill in City Lights (left), 1920’s bathing beauties (center), Jule Andrew in a gorgeous Chanel dress (right). Images found through google and on The Fashion Spot.

Charlie Chaplin and Virginia Cherrill in City Lights, a film about a derelict who falls in love with a beautiful blind girl. Image found through google.

Irina Lazareanu in 20’s inspired pieces from Basso And Brooke (left) and Michael Kors (right). Images found on The Fashion Spot.

Two women at a sporting event (left) and Louise Brookes (right). Images found through google.

The Ziegfeld Girls were showgirls who were members of the chorus in the Ziegfeld Follies. The Rockettes of the Radio City Music Hall are reminiscent of what the Ziegfeld Girls were in the 20’s. Images found through google.


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