Edwardian era inspiration.

I’ve always loved Victorian clothing, homes, and design, but I have to say, in researching the Edwardian period more than I previously had, it’s starting to win me over somewhat. Though the two have a modest amount of differences, the Edwardian clothing and styles have a bit more of a darker, romantic, gothic feel to them. The clothing that I select for myself has more of that same principle to it – I wear a lot of black and white and like to mix dainty lace and frills with contrasting dark accessories and garments that are more structured and have a less flowy quality to them.

Lily Elsie (left) was a and English theatre actress. When I spotted her while researching actresses of the Edwardian period, I was immediately intrigued by her look. I might do a post solely devoted to her one day after I’ve read a bit more about her! I haven’t looked that much into Phyllis Monkman (right), but I believe she was an actress and belly-dancer. The photo above is from The Butterflies and you can read an interesting little review of that performance here.

Daisy Jerome (left) and Mabel Love (right), two more lovely Edwardian actresses. Something about Mabel’s face reminds me quite a bit of Clara Bow.

Beautiful Edwardian inspired corset and children playing while donned up in clothing inspired by the era.

Items found while playing around on polyvore – some authentic Edwardian pieces and some other dresses and accessories that I thought fit nicely with the time period. The ModCloth dress on the left specifically reminds me of something that would have been worn then.

Edwardian style home and the most gorgeous dress ever. I need a dress like that in my life! Of course, I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear it, but hey. Maybe if I get married, my wedding dress will look like that? A girl can dream.

Edwardian inspired pieces from a Christian Lacroix (left) collection and an Armani (right) collection.

Isadora Duncan (left) was a highly acclaimed American dancer with an extremely interesting life story (check out her wikipedia!) and I can’t seem to find much on Ethel Oliver (right), but she was another beautiful Edwardian actress.


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2 Responses to “Edwardian era inspiration.”

  1. Angel Says:

    that Christian Lacroix piece is magnificent! the details!!<3

  2. ticktickheart Says:

    It’s from the Spring 2009 Couture Collection! Take a look at the other pieces from the runway here:


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